Tools for School Donation Inventory

Here’s the total collection of items donated for our Tools for Schools drive!  Thank you again for all the EducationCorps members, UCSD students and staff, Bookstore, and Marketplace for their support and generosity!  It was a pleasure to drop off the classroom supplies to all 12 of our school sites!! 

Tools for Schools Inventory: 
246 pens
250 pencils
184 crayons
30 markers
52 glue sticks
11 calculators
187 erasers
76 notebooks
2400 notecards
20 rulers
4 tape rolls
24 highlighters
72 colored pencils
3 pencil lead
22 tissue boxes
1508 post-its
3 misc. notebooks
7 folders
51 dry eraser markers
8 hand sanitizers
4 binders
2 white out
1 pack of staples
1 pencil sharpener
3 blank cd 
1 super glue
1 bookmark



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